The insertion of commercials into the schools which was orchestrated by Whittle Communications' Channel One project, which exchanged VCR's for a captive audience, now looks rather benign. In that project, only ten minutes per day was alotted to Coke, Nike, and Levis. As Al Gore challenges American CEO's to

connect and provide access to the National Information Infrastructure for every classroom, every library, and every hospital and clinic in the entire United States of America. (Remarks as Delivered by Vice President Al Gore to The Superhighway Summit Royce Hall, UCLA Los Angeles, California January 11, 1994)

it should be noted that this scenario also provides unprecedented access for advertisers to the students within the schools and libraries. Moreover, while many congressman and journalists have been busy whipping up indignation against the use of the internet for pornography, few have demanded a means to filter out the far more abundant advertising that clogs the network's arteries.