Advanced Web Programming

School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art
Fall 2008 (September 7 - December 14)
Instructor: A. Deck

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PHP implements an easy-to-learn HTML-embedded scripting language. It supports a number of database packages including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase. It is free software and works best as a component of the Apache web server.

Actionscript is an language embedded into Flash movies that handles interactive- and network-related needs.

  • Learn basic syntax and usage
  • Create client-server systems using PHP and Actionscript

Projects are developed during the semester, with critiques and discussions. These are expected to use some of the techniques learned in class, but are largely directed by the students interests.


Service provider w/PHP, MySQL, Ming, etc.
RTMP: The problem with Macromedia
Actionscript tutorials
Decommoditization of protocols
Beginner's PHP Tutorial
Socket server advice
Main PHP site
PHP tutorials
PHP online course PHP Article
PHP code exchange
Regular Expression Tutorial
Javascript reference
Javascript links
Javascript Rollover
Public Domain Info
What is DHTML?
DHTML Layers Tutorial
DHTML/Javascript tutorials
Fancy Flash game (RE: Bush)


These texts are NOT REQUIRED
  • Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours, By Matt Zandstra, Publisher: SAMS (may not be available anymore)
  • DHTML, By Jason Teague, Peachpit Press