<TITLE> Search engines look carefully at the title </TITLE>
<BODY BGCOLOR=white TEXT=black>
<H1> Some search engines also look at the headline text </H1>
Generally, the text and images you see in the browser are coded 
within the bounds of the BODY tags.  We will discuss other things 
that go into the HEAD block, but for now, you should understand 
this to be the basic skeleton of a web page.

Note also: <LI> List item tag, can be used alone like a bullet.
  • An example of the list item.

    <B>B is for Bold</B> text.
    B is for Bold text.

    <i>I is for Italic</i> text.
    I is for Italic text.

    <IMG SRC=landscape.gif>

    Hyper links are made using the A tag.
    <A HREF=http://andyland.net>Andyland</a>
    Remember that you don't have to use the full http:// form when the documents are on www.it.scps.nyu.edu. You will use relative addressing.