/* XPM */ static char *Truth001[] = { /*
Truth001*/ "There is a lot about the American experience that ", "is not understood by eveyone. If people would just", "pay attention to what is bein said to them they ", "might understand it all. The constitution was for ", "eveyone to understand. Because of the belief's of ", "a few many were hurt and wronged. Many are looking", "and seeing the biggest lie ever told to a people. ", "How can the truth ever come to light when it is ", "suppressed by the few who hold power, greed begets", "greed, and the cycle starts without end untill ", "someone says this foolishness must stop. We stand ", "at the doorway of a new century, we can boldly ", "step into it, or wecan remain stuck in the past. ", "Thereby killing all of our hopes for a brighter ", "future, the choiceis ours. will we boldly step ", "forward and accept the challenge, or will we be ", "trapped in the past, and forced to repeat our ", "mistakes! Our everyday lives are in the hands of a", "few people who are in it for the big grab ", "they are filledthe excitement of greed and ", "they care mothing about the hunger the hurt ", " and dispair they cause. to them the masses are ", "just so much extra baggage, if this were not so a ", "lot could be don to fis the problems of the ", "average american. We live in a lant that is rich ", "beyond the somes wildest dreams, yet so little is ", "held by the many, while so much is held by the few", "peole ech and everyday go out and struggle ", "just to make ends meet. The rich by comparison ", "worry about nothin save themselves. whereiin lies ", "the jstice, if there is truly any left in ", "the world at all, or if there ever was any to ", "begin with. all I kow is that the woes of the many", "will become the problems of the few, once ", "enough eyes have been opened to the ", "injustices inflicked upon them, so of the few try ", "help, by they are outweighed by the rest of the ", "few who have no compassion or feeling about ", "those of who the know nothing, and care noting for", "for always there will be those who have noting, ", "those who have much, for the poor will be with us ", "always. to those who much is given much is ", "expected, whether the feel good about it or ", "not. for we are our brothers keeper, therein ", "lies our humanity, without this there can ", "be no civilization. when one is safe then we are ", "all safe, whenever someone is in danger then we ", " are all in danger. denying this factor has led to", "some of the most horiffic tragadies in the ", "history of mankind. Let there be peace!!!!!!!!!!!!", }; /*