Bush Sucks Web Ring & Directory

at altport.org

I've started another Web Ring (see below if you don't know what that means) devoted to resisting the marketing of Bush in 2004. Sites can be listed in the Directory without joining the Web Ring. I encourage any of you who have pertinent web sites to join the Ring and Directory, or just the Directory, or send this announcement along to someone who might.

>>> Bush Sucks Directory

For those of you who are not familiar with Web rings, the idea is that a group of thematically related sites are connected together with small scraps of HTML code that each member includes in his or her site. Additionally, these sites become part of a directory database for searches. This strategy is effective in attracting attention to the member sites because search engines like Google take into account the number of links they find leading to particular pages. The purpose of the Ring is therefore to provide a highly visible media presence for the member sites vis-a-vis the most popular search engines.

And of course, in the case of this ring, the Bush Sucks Web Ring, the purpose is to stop more senseless warfare, reckless environmental policies, profiteering and the like from continuing in a second Bush presidency.

     Andy Deck