Artcontext Annual 2004

It has been another year of catastrophic success! By the full spectrum glory of Providence and war, the Rapture is approaching. Let the upload commence! Let the bellicose angels rise like Icarus to the sunny heavens, never — by Jingo! — to vote again. For the rest of us, the following downloads must suffice.

— Andy Deck

2005 Artcontext Calendar

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ROBOTROSS Echoing the encouragement that Bob Ross conveyed with television, this online attraction probes the boundaries between genuine creativity and oversimplification.

Uninstallation Art Uninstallation Art software brings you the new Withdrawal Wizard Iraq Edition, available for free download today. Disinfect the republic!   Withdrawal Wizard

Fix News
  Exploring new non-commercial paradigms for news distribution and aggregation. See also Transnational Temps

No Quarter: DEMILITARIZING THE PLAYGROUND An effort to explore and understand the relationships between entertainment, violence, journalism, and war.  
No Quarter

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Andy Deck Interviewed in the Furtherfield Visitor's Studio
Mixes by Devoid

A series of line drawings, produced with algorithms, collected into an interactive format for online presentation.
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Catchy Name
A survey of online sound experiments focusing attention on forms of collaboration and creativity that tend to resemble both art and instrument.
Curated by A. Deck