2010 Artcontext Annual Review

In a year of junk shots and great recession, there is still the Artcontext. It was a year to explore physical media and I even curated a show. But these projects are still connected to online media, as usual.

—   Andy Deck

The Wildlife Offline Calendar for 2011 is, as one person put it, "more animals than I've ever seen in one place before." This colorful ecologically-themed calendar can be downloaded and printed for free. The limited edition, signed calendar is available, too. It can be purchased online for $7.99

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[Artistic License Year One]  

The first year of the activity of visiting artists who made "Artistic Licenses" was captured in this time time-lapse video, exhibited as shown here in New York City.

The Spill » Forward exhibition, which responded to the prolonged oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, took place this year at the MediaNoche gallery space in Manhattan. The exhibition continues online.   [Spill Forward]

[C-Hold Control]   ©-Hold Control was exhibited at Watermans Art Centre in London as part of the Unleashed Devices exhibition, which featured electronics experiments and quirky high-tech art. The spigot shown here affected a scrolling flow of pirate graphics, downloaded with file sharing software. The work provoked a number of interpretations related to the freedom of the networks — a timely subject in the wake of the U.S. Federal Communication Commission's retreat from Net Neutrality.

Power Cycle addresses sustainable energy. In recent years, some industrialized countries like Germany and the Netherlands have made a more substantial commitment to producing renewable energy that doesn't emit greenhouse gases. Like much of the work of Transnational Temps, this video aims to open up a space in the cultural sphere for reflection about ecological crises that we, collectively, are failing to fix. [Transnational Temps]   [Power Cycle]