2011 Artcontext Annual Review

Yes, friends, if we are to believe the Mayan hype, the end is near. What better time to catch up with the latest from Artcontext? In these uncertain times, acquiring a new calendar is an act of faith. Your hesitation is justified. But if the end of days fails to arrive and you need one after all, the 2012 Artcontext 'Visually Similar' Calendar can be downloaded for free. A pre-printed limited edition is also available as long as the U.S. postal system continues its rounds.

—   Andy Deck

The 2012 Artcontext 'Visually Similar' Calendar reveals the pulsing subconscious of the Internet brain. What's more, it does this for a year. Download it to print yourself for free, or order your signed, limited edition copy for just $7.99

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[Augmented / Obstructed]  

Carol Padberg and Andy Deck produced Augmented / Obstructed in conjunction with Artspace New Haven at Yale's Sterling Memorial Library. The show reactivated the unused card catalogue room using cryptic, colorful barcodes and tag symbols. The installation also included specially prepared smartphones, ancient clay tablets, and books readable only by cell phones. The work invited visitors to consider the cultural journey from clay tablets and the printing press to digital tablets, machine vision, and the Internet. There's a catalogue, and the show may be adapted for other venues.

The ecoπυrα image manipulation program won first prize for interactive art in this year's LÚMEN_EX Digital Art Prizes. You can green your image with little more than hot air!   [Image Manipulation Program]

[Novus Extinctus]
[Transnational Temps]
  Transnational Temps has been invited to exhibit its first work, Novus Extinctus, in the retrospective of the VIDA art prize taking place in the Telefónica Center in Madrid in 2012.

Decoder Bling is currently showing in the exhibition Rules of Convergence.   [Rules of Conversion]

[Garble]   Finally, something strange and annoying that happened in response to a call for participation from Patrick Lichty. You're the Artist Now, Dawg! Audio built with circuitry and played with my index finger. Be glad it stops when you leave the page!