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The Green Freedom Cyber fighters
  This website was created to post messages about GREEN items, meaning environmental ones, also Freedom messages. And Cyber Fighters means that we try with messages on the internet and cyberactions to make a difference.
Sandgate Greens
  Green political website
Greens (WA)
  Information on our processes, decision making, history, achievements, our parliamentarians, policy, a calendar and news page that are updated regularly.
Sandgate Greens
  A small local website of the Sandgate Greens giving some information of Greens policies and activities in our area (Queensland Australia).
NT Greens
  Website of the Northern Territory Greens.
The Australian Greens
  The site for the National Greens in Australia.
Queensland Greens
  The Queensland Greens is the political party representing the environment movement in Queensland Australia.
Blacktown Greens
  Web site details the activities of the Blacktown District Group of the NSW Greens - Australia

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